How to Set a Permanent Password in TeamViewer

How to Set a Permanent Password in TeamViewer


Everytime that you start TeamViewer, it will generate a new password that will allow people to connect to your computer remotely.

However when family or friends frequently need your assistance, having to get the password from them each time can be a hassle.

There's a simple solution to this though. You can set a permanent, predefined password for all future remote control sessions.

This way when there's someone that you know, who is frequently asking you for help, you can simply set a predefined password for their computer. And then you can just connect to them right away, when they need you, without having to ask them what their password is first.

Step #1

On the toolbar, click Extras and then Options.


Step #2

On the TeamViewer options window that pops up, click Security from the list on the left.


Step #3

On the right-hand side you'll see an option for setting a personal password. Set it to something that's difficult for a hacker to guess or you can use just an online password generator tool to generate a random one for you.


Step #4

Under Random password, for the Password strength otion, select Disabled (no random password)


Click the OK button and from now on the TeamViewer password will remain the same for that computer.